On March 21, Superintendent DeBoer sent out the attached letter about a disgusting display here in our community. Hate like this affects us all, whether it happens in the privacy of our homes or out in the public like this. It doesn’t matter if it was kids doing this trying to shock us, or adults with an abhorrent worldview, it is harmful to us all, but particularly to our children. They are not born understanding hate. It has to be taught. It is our job as the adults in their lives to make sure they are not taught to hate, and to give them the tools they need to deal with it when something like this happens. Superintendent DeBoer attached some suggestions on how you can speak with your children about hate and intolerance, but please know that the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod does not tolerate this kind of speech or behavior in any way shape, manner, or form and will always be a safe and welcoming place for all children.


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