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Members, Parents, Guardians, Staff Members and all visitors are no longer required to wear a mask while at the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod. 

If your child is experiencing consistent coughing, sneezing or other cold and flu-like symptoms, we recommend that they wear a mask during indoor activities.

For the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod's previous COVID-19 policies, please see the below text for further information.

COVID-19 Protocols and Safety Procedures

HEALTH SCREENING – BGCCC will elect to follow guidance provided by the Massachusetts EEC, DPH, and OSHA :

  • Visitors (including parents) and volunteers are not permitted in the building. Only the following may access the building while children are on site: program staff; persons with legal authority to enter, including law enforcement officers, and Department of Family and Protective Services staff; professionals providing services to children; children enrolled at the operation. 

  • Massachusetts residency is required for campers and staff at Recreational Camps and Programs 

  • Recreational Camps must comply with 105 CMR 430 Minimum Standards for Recreational Camps for Children: State Sanitary Code Chapter IV as well as any additional more restrictive MA state or local requirements or orders in response to COVID-19. Camps are responsible for ensuring their operations are updated to comply with new guidance and orders 

  • Before allowing entry into the operation, we will screen all of the individuals listed above, including taking the temperature of each person upon arrival at the operation each day, and deny entry to any person who meets any of the following criteria:

  • A temperature of 100°F or above;

  • Signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or low-grade fever;

  • In the previous 14 days has had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19; is under investigation for COVID-19; or is ill with a respiratory illness; or

  • In the previous 14 days has travelled to place with widespread, sustained community transmission. For updated information on affected countries, visit:

  • Require pick up and drop off of children outside of the operation.

  • Parents will complete a daily written acknowledgement stating their child has been symptoms free, has not been provided a fever reducer, and none of the conditions above are true.

  • Staff will maintain a written log of temperatures taken each day as well as 

  • absences due to illnesses.

A plan to address cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and frequency

Hand Washing and Hygiene

  • Staff members should wash their hands before and after the following activities: 

  • Immediately after entering the building.

  • Before entering a program area 

  • After leaving a program area when shift is over.

  • After using the restroom

  • Before/After eating and drinking

  • After coughing or sneezing into your hands

  • A good rule of thumb is that you should wash your hands any time you come into contact with bodily fluids (e.g. eating, drinking, using the bathroom, wiping a child’s nose, smoking) or potentially harmful substances (e.g. cleaners, chemicals, animals, dirt on outdoor play equipment, raw food), and before you touch things that you or a child will consume (i.e. food or medication). It is also important that you wash your hands upon arrival to the Club and when you depart for the day.

  • Children should wash their hands as they enter the program, after playing outside, before and after they eat, after they use the bathroom, and once every hour.

How to Wash - The procedure for hand washing recommended by the 

          Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for both children and adults is: 

  • Wet your hands with clean running water and apply soap 

  • Rub your hands together to create a lather and scrub them well; be sure to scrub the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails 

  • Continue rubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds (to help time yourself: hum the “Happy Birthday” song twice) 

  • Rinse your hands well under running water 

  • Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry 

Clean and Disinfect

  • Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces throughout the day, at meal times, and at the end of a program period. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

  • If surfaces are dirty, clean them: Use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.

  • Staff will clean and disinfect work spaces after each program or if going outside, scheduling 10 minutes before the group returns to allow for cleaning.

  • Staff will clean and disinfect all common areas including bathrooms, game rooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, kitchens, vestibules, at the beginning of a shift, before/after meal services, and at the end of a shift.

To Disinfect: 

  • Most common EPA-registered household disinfectants will work. Use disinfectants appropriate for the surface.

  • Diluting household bleach. 

  • Disinfecting solutions shall be prepared and used as provided by EEC Administrative Code.

  • Bleach measurement shall be adjusted to equal 200 ppm when tested on chlorine bleach paper testing strips.

  • Alcohol solutions: Ensure solution has at least 70% alcohol.

Plan to Obtain PPE’s

The club is securing PPE and cleaning supplies from multiple sources including: Atlantic Medical Supply, McKesson Medical Supply, H.T. Berry, and other local establishments

Social Distancing: 

  • Staff will observe social distancing maintain 6 feet of distance from youth when applicable.

  • Youth will be seated at opposite ends of tables when applicable.

  • Youth will be assigned individual lockers to place their belongings. 

  • Members will not share supplies or equipment.

  • Staff will approach members from opposite sides of tables when helping members with activities.

  • Staff will use designated floor markings to maintain spacing when lining up.

 Designated BGCCC & BGCCC Summer Camp COVID-19 Point of Contact

  • Lloyd Wilson is the Point of Contact ( POC )responsible for responding to all COVID-19 concerns.  His Contact information is (781) 593-1772; .

  • 2 properly trained Health Care Supervisors will be present at all times while camp is in session in the event a camper becomes symptomatic while at camp. Our two Health Care Supervisors are Scott Seamans; 508-232-9165;   and Lloyd Wilson (See Above)

Communication System 

  • Lloyd Wilson, the POC, will inform parents and the Executive Director, Ruth Provost, of issues pertaining to Camp and COVID 19.

  • The Executive Director will inform local board of health, the Department of Public Health Community Sanitation Program, and other appropriate audiences of health related and COVID 19 issues at the Club

  • We have in place a system to check with parents daily) on the health status of their children when children are dropped off at the facility.

  • Parents must provide up to date email addresses, and home, work, and mobile phone numbers  of children at the camp so that staff can reach them at any time.


  • Staff will test the communication system with parents, children at the camp, all staff, facility and/or grounds management, and emergency medical services prior to opening Camp

  • Parents will be provided with information on COVID-19 -  including symptoms, transmission, prevention, and when to seek medical attention. Parents are encouraged to share the information with their children as appropriate.

  • Parents will be provided with information on the camp’s policies for preventing and responding to infection and illness. This information is included here, and will be in written form and also on the Club’s website, and in the parent’s primary language if needed. 

  • Staff and families must self-report to the Boys & Girls Club COVID-19 Point of Contact, Lloyd Wilson, if they have symptoms of COVID-19, a positive test for COVID-19, or were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Plan for identifying and handling sick, symptomatic, and exposed children and staff & isolation and discharge of sick, symptomatic, and exposed children or staff 

Staff or youth with cold/flu-like symptoms

  • Staff and youth must complete a daily health screening. If staff or youth may be required to stay home; staff will notify Lloyd Wilson/ COVID-19 POC.

  • Staff and members will be observed for cold/flu symptoms throughout the day. Staff members will be required to end their shift if a temperature above 100 degrees develops.

  • If a staff or youth are found to have a fever while in programming, that program area will immediately be closed for deep cleaning and disinfected. Program space or facility may be closed for multiple days or extended period for time.

  • Members will be moved to an isolated supervised area, keeping a safe distance away from other members and staff while waiting for parent/guardian pick-up.

If confirmation has been made that a staff/member/parent has tested positive for Coronavirus:

  • Immediate notification will be made to the POC, who will then contact the Executive Director; Ruth Provost. The ED and POC will work together to coordinate communication and/or provide notice to appropriate health officials and will circle back to the Club/Camp and parents to communicate next steps.

  • The standard practice will be to shut down the affected area for two days

  • Provide alternative space for the pod in the gym 

  • Deep clean the contaminated area. 

  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed, the organization will follow the direction of the State & Town/City Public Health Department regarding cleaning and the reopening of the facility.

CPR and First Aid

In the event of an illness of injury that requires the immediate attention of a health-care professional and/or staff will:

  • Contact emergency medical services.

  • Give the child first-aid treatment or CPR when needed. 

  • Contact the child's paren